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Meet Our Team

Advanced Offender Solutions, formerly known as Kansas Ignition Interlock, officially began operations July of 1990. Our company was founded by Rock Gagnebin and Gerald Hertach. In the beginning, there were no laws related to ignition interlock devices. The original founders, along with LifeSafer, Inc., helped create most of the interlock laws that are now on the books in the state of Kansas. To date, Lifesafer of Kansas has customers all over the state of Kansas.

The foundation of our success is the dedication and hard work of its owners and employees. The philosophy of Lifesafer of Kansas has been, and continues to be, that the customer deserves the very best service, whether it is in helping the client navigate through the laws and regulations in the State of Kansas, training and installation of the interlock device, or  in completing the paperwork required by the Drive Control Bureau of the Kansas Department of Revenue.

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