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Experienced Interlock Installation Provider Serving Kansas

LifeSafer of Kansas provides interlock installation services that are both convenient and reliable.


Installation Process


We have more than 35 service centers across the state of Kansas with technicians that are specially trained to install and maintain your ignition interlock device. The first step in the installation process is to locate the center closest to you and schedule an appointment. Once you come in for your appointment, a technician will perform a mechanical and electrical inspection on your vehicle to make sure the device will function properly. The interlock system itself contains two main components. The first component is the handset that is made to fit securely in the palm of your hand and installed onto the dashboard, usually near the steering wheel. The second component is the relay module box, which will be installed under the dash and connected to the handset with a coiled cord. After the installation process is complete, a technician will show you how to use the interlock system and answer any pressing questions.


What to Expect After Installation


Once the interlock device is installed, you will be required to pass a breathalyzer test before your vehicle will start. There will either be a digital display or instructional indicators available on the device to guide you through the process. If your blood alcohol level is below the legal limit, your vehicle will start. If not, the vehicle won’t start, and you won’t be able to drive. There will also be occasional retests during your drive, to ensure that you have not consumed alcohol after the initial test.


Give us a call at 620-663-3000 to learn more about the installation process or how you can have a device installed in your vehicle.

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