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Electronic Monitoring

Locking offenders in jails and prisons has been punishment for criminals for thousands of years. GPS technology is becoming more advanced everyday, so why wouldn't the criminal justice system change with those technological advancements?   At Advanced Offender Solutions, we see a need for change. There are thousands of people in jail that are not a threat to society.  There are countless benefits to getting offenders back into society -- from the economical advantages to the State, to the social advantages for the offender. Whether you're a lawmaker looking to save the State or county money or if your an offender looking for a monitoring device, we can help you!



The demand for a lighter, sleeker and more modern designed tracking unit has been answered.
  • World's smallest, lightest and most precise 3G tracking device

  • Very affordable at just $6.50 per day

  • Enhanced mobile charging capability

ReliAlert      XC3


Industry leading in realiblity and performance, the XC3 is our most sophisticated monitoring device.
  • 2/3 way calling allows agency and officers call the client at any time

  • 95-db siren that can be activated on account of violation 

  • Optional hardened steel cuff

  • Provides officers with extra ears and voice 


Agencies seeking a device that offers both alcohol monitoring as well as curfew capabilities, look no further. 

  • Utilizes transdermal technology to detect alcohol concentration

  • Capable of monitoring the presence or absence of user within a home


Leader in mobile alcohol monitoring, perfect for workplace monitoring, family law and recovery management.

  • Real time BAC results

  • GPS shows location of test

  • Government grade facial recognition software

  • Scheduled reminders in form of text or email

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