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Advanced Offender Solutions is the leading monitoring company in Kansas. We specialize in IGNITION INTERLOCK devices as well as ELECTRONIC MONITORING. Customer convenience is our #1 priority.

Kansas #1 Ignition Interlock Provider For Over 27 Years

Call 1-800-671-8054 for fast convenient service today.

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Affordable Pricing
Our Locations
24/7 Customer Service

We offer a price match guarantee on all of our services.

With over 50 service centers, you'll be in and out in no time.

Our knowledgable staff is always there to help, no matter the hour.

A model of an ignition interlock device from LifeSafer of Kansas in Hutchinson, KS

Ignition Interlocks In Kansas

Since 1991, we have been the State's leading provider of ignition interlock devices.  We are the only provider state wide with over 50 conveniently located service centers.

One of the ignition interlock devices available at LifeSafer of Kansas in Hutchinson, KS

Our Service Centers

Leading Ignition Interlock Company Serving Kansas

LifeSafer of Kansas is a leading ignition interlock company, dedicated to providing reliable, easy-to-use products and customer satisfaction. Our team has more than 25 years of experience in this industry, and we can help you navigate the laws and regulations upheld by the State of Kansas.


Our Service Centers

We strive to make your experience with our ignition interlock device as hassle-free as possible. We have a host of service centers throughout the state of Kansas that provide convenient installation, monitoring, and removal services. Not only are our experienced technicians available to answer basic questions, but they can also provide you with the guidance necessary to successfully complete your program. Team members can help you with everything from installation and usage training to reporting and calibration. To take advantage of these convenient services, locate the service center that is closest to you to schedule an appointment.

Electronic Monitoring In Kansas

A graphic showing the dimensions of one of the ignition interlock devices from LifeSafer of Kansas in Hutchinson, KS

Our vision is simple: get those who are not a threat to society out of the traditional prison or jail setting.

The benefits are extraordinary: offenders remain with their families and stay in the work force ---saving tax dollars and keeping families together. 

Industry  Leading  Devices
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Industry Leading Interlock Devices


Our interlock systems are time-tested and industry-proven. We offer a wide range of options, suitable to fit your unique needs and preferences. Each device is secured on your dashboard next to the steering wheel for easy access. They are usually secured with Velcro or another type of temporary adhesive, and we will de-install your device at the end of your program to return your car to its original state. Our devices, which include breathalyzer capabilities, also come with features such as indicator lights, audio indicators, multi-lingual display options, and removable mouthpieces. Although the devices vary in size, the handset is made to fit conveniently in the palm of your hand.


Give LifeSafer of Kansas a call today at 620-663-3000 and let us help you through the process. Speak directly with one of our team members to learn more about our ignition interlock devices and how to have one set up in your vehicle.

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